A Short Guide to Mouthguards

A Short Guide to Mouthguards

August 16, 2018

A mouthguard is a protective covering used to wear over the teeth to save it from injuries. This mouth covering is commonly known as a mouthguard, but there are also other terms used for it, such as “gum guard” and “mouth-protector.” This covering is often worn during contact sports to protect the mouth from potential injuries. Contact sports are those which include physical contact among the players, like Rugby or Martial arts.

The origin of mouthguards is unclear, but it is possible that they were created for the sport of boxing, in which one opponent attacks the face of the other opponent, and he defends his face by blocking the attacks. Regardless of its history, we should be more concerned about what types of mouthguards exist today to choose for yourself if needed:

The Three Types of Mouthguards:

Ready-made mouthguards

Also known as stock mouth protectors, these come in a fixed shape with different sizes and require nearly no adjustment. These are inexpensive and readily available at sports shops. Dentists do not recommend these mouthguards as they provide little to no protection, along with making breathing and talking difficult for the wearer.

Boil and bite mouthguards

These mouthguards, as self-evident from their name, are boiled first in the water, then placed around the teeth and pressed with fingers to adjust them. They are made up of thermoplastic material and are comparatively more adjustable than the ready-made mouthguards. They are also available in most sports shops and stores.

Custom-made mouthguards

These mouthguards are made as per the requirements of the user. They are customized by an expert in a laboratory or in a dental office according to the teeth shape and size. They are made up of special material. The fact that more time and effort is needed to make these mouthguards justifies their expensive rates.

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