Relax During Your Treatment with Sedation Dentistry

Relax During Your Treatment with Sedation Dentistry

May 15, 2018

Thanks to sedation dentistry, those with a dental phobia can finally get the treatment they need but have been apprehensive about receiving. If you suffer from fear to go to the dentist, even for the most simple procedure, in this article, we will discuss options that can get you right back on the path to dental health.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry isn’t just a single treatment or even a one-kind-fits-all type of deal. There are about three major options on the market today the range from general anesthetics to oral sedatives. You, the patients, can be anywhere from a little “loopy,” calmer, or completely asleep. The type of treatment used on a patient varies on their stress level. Those with high stress and phobia will obviously be given a stronger sedative.

Who Needs It?

If you find yourself, your child, or your spouse uncomfortable with dental services, sedation dentistry is an amazing option to ensure you’re given the proper oral care at the appropriate time. For those that find it harder to relax or have an overwhelming amount of stress make the best candidates for anesthesia. In addition to feeling relaxed, sedatives can improve your cooperation and movements during procedures.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Here is a short list of the most commonly used sedatives:

  • Oral sedation – The use of a pill to calm the patient down just before treatment begins.
  • Inhaled sedation – Nitrous oxide administered through a nosepiece during treatment to keep the patient at ease.
  • IV sedation – In this case, anesthesia is given through an IV, making the effects almost immediate.
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia – This is the strongest form of sedation is used for more serious or lengthy procedures.

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